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May our excellence is based on immigration law, respect for the expectations of our clients and integrity in the handling of their cases. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible service to fulfill the mandate you have entrusted to us! Our desire is to provide you with a quality of service that meets your requirements and expectations. [/ Quote]

We are targeting those looking for multiple options, both to immigrate, to study or to work in Canada. Our motto is transparency, during all stages of our clients’ migration process. We are also committed to ensuring that they come to Canada as quickly as possible, through a variety of alternatives that we offer them.

As a specialist in multiple visas and global immigration, our main objective is to make life easier for our clients, throughout their permanent relocation process. We have the best resources to help our clients make informed choices about their immigration goals, namely: destination provinces and cities, immigration programs suited to their case, employment prospects , etc.

Our in-depth knowledge of immigration rules and procedures, combined with professional experience in the field, ensure our clients a trustworthy representation for a better promotion of their interests. and the defense of their rights.

We are a private Canadian immigration consulting firm, we do not issue visas, this being an exclusive prerogative of the Canadian government and its authorized representatives.




Nora BOUHALI, RCIC (R408063)

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Mme. Nora Bouhali, CRIC


  • Member in good standing of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC);
  • Certified Consultant registered on the Quebec Register of Immigrant Consultants;
  • Commissioner for Oaths (in Quebec and outside Quebec), appointed by the Quebec’s Justice Department;


  • Head of the Algerian Representation of the International Court for Arbitration & Mediation (Washington D.C. – USA);
  • Adjudicator and Mediator in the ICAM Court;
  • President & CEO of the United Forces International Organization (UFIO) in New York – USA
  • Bachelor’s degree holder in Mechanical Engineering;
  • Bachelor’s degree holder in Industrial Engineering.



Vivre O Canada Immigration is a private Canadian company specialized in Canadian Immigration Law, it does not issue visas, this is an exclusive prerogative of the Canadian government and its authorized representatives.