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You want to make a business trip to Quebec in order to explore the Quebec market or acquiring a Quebec based company?

We have the solution for you! 

Vivre Ô Canada Immigration through its Official Partner in Quebec, Relation Canada International, will be able to satisfy your needs:



  • Help in research in order to acquire a company or shares thereof in Quebec;
  • Organisation of business travel and prospection in Quebec to meet with heads of Quebec businesses to develop new partnerships ;
  • Accompaniment by a Canadian professional for a 5 day trip of business exploration in Quebec, for selected companies by the candidate, with road transport up to a distance of 250 km from Montreal ;
  • Provision of invitation letters to make your prospection trip not exceeding 14 working days (business invitation letters add a positive rating to the business immigration file) ;
  • Search professionals specialized in various fields ;
  • Search for goods and services or expert located in a country within or outside the network of Relation Canada International;


For further information, please contact us at: